The 451 Consulting team have collectively over 100 years experience in consulting and executive positions covering public and private sectors, as well as local and international assignments.  They possess market leading expertise, proven track records of success, and are passionate about delivering client excellence on every assignment.  

Our Clients benefit from our ability to provide highly responsive and scalable services without the high cost base associated with a large permanent workforce.  Accordingly, our small permanent team is augmented by a number of highly pre-qualified and proven consultants who partner with us on an associate basis.


Key members of the 451 Consulting team are trained in our ISO9001 certified Quality Management processes and our full suite of proprietary methodologies.  Our team of highly qualified Assignment Managers, multi-disciplinary consultants and subject matter experts share 451's values to underpin delivery of a wide variety of complex Client requirements.  

Our Team 


451 Consulting is composed of a group of very carefully chosen Management and Technology consultants with specialist capability in Strategy, Transformation, Performance Improvement and Project Management. 

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