Services Overview 

451 Consulting deliver fit-for-purpose services to meet our Client’s challenges and opportunities, backed by academically sound Australian based research, best practice frameworks and toolsets.

As a boutique services organisation, we are not constrained by highly prescriptive and often inefficient methodologies like many of our global competitors.  Instead, 451 leverages industry-leading approaches in combination with our hands-on Australian experience to deliver customised solutions which optimise our Client's outcomes.

Our experience consistently shows that although two organisations may face similar issues and opportunities, the approach to delivering optimised business outcomes differs based on organisational culture, process maturity and propensity for change. We appreciate all organisations are different and we tailor our solutions accordingly.

451 research suggests business performance is increasingly dependant on the alignment of strategy, your portfolio of projects and operational excellence across all functional areas.


Our Clients benefit from the vision of 451's multi-disciplinary specialists who provide cross-functional expertise to deliver sustained performance improvement across the enterprise.


451 successfully delivers services across four core capability areas: 


451 have a strong track record in creating pragmatic Client strategies and business plans across Enterprise or Functional domains which realise organisational goals sooner.

Our research shows many orgnisations feel their Strategic Plan contains solid analysis and best intentions, but does not have the necessary linkage to translate Strategy Into Action.

451 specialises in assisting organisations to create highly meaningful and pragmatic strategies aligned with your culture, people and level of enterprise maturity.

Clients benefit from our practical knowledge which enhances the integrity between Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, and the identification of a portfolio of projects that will collectively deliver your strategic goals. 

451's consultants are specialists in Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Performance Measurement, Business Planning, Business Model Design, and Financial Modelling.


We provide leading edge research and frameworks that are simple to understand and that provide genuine visibility for executives on what needs to be done.

3  Secrets for success  

Ensure you have tight coupling between your Strategic Plan, Performance Scorecard, and the selection of your Strategic Portfolio of programs and projects 

Create a Customer Strategy within your Strategic Plan. Your Customer Strategy will define how to leverage the two-way value exchange between you and your customers

Understand that your Strategic Plan will need to adapt during the process of execution as industry dynamics change and customers’ needs continue to evolve



Periodically transforming your business to achieve a change in efficiency and effectiveness is a healthy activity for all organisations. 451's research suggests benefits are maximised when transformation is conducted every 5 to 7 years for the majority of organisations, supported by an on-going Continuous Improvement program.

Simply changing structure, processes and/or systems is insufficient in itself to deliver a sustained step change in performance. Genuine transformation needs to include cultural change, as your people think and act differently. Unless the underlying values within the organisation are aligned to the transformed way of thinking, existing behaviours will quickly re-emerge.

3  Secrets for success  

Ensure your transformation program has measurable business goals;

It is critical to demonstrate to staff that the desired changes are compatible with your existing organisational values

Align your performance measurement system, accountabilities, and reward/recognition system to give a consistent message to management and staff alike.


Performance Improvement Programs can be either a one-off exercise, or you can build an internal capability in the business to drive operational improvements on an on-going basis.


A one-off exercise is typically a Review that contains both a Diagnostic and Implementation Blueprint to identify the specific Actions to deliver improvements in your focus areas, such as customer service, quality, productivity, cost reduction or asset management.

The alternative to a one-off exercise is to build an internal performance improvement capacity. This can be as simple as establishing a Continuous Improvement  Program to harness the creative talent and innovation within your workforce in an on-going basis. 

451 have specialist consultants and best practice methodologies to deliver sustained performance improvement in a one-off Review and/or in building internal capability.


Our Programs are tailored to your specific needs to deliver your required outcomes, and we draw upon a broad range of techniques including Six Sigma, LEAN, Workout and hybrid models to create results fast.

3  Secrets for success  

Ensure your Review or Continuous Improvement Program is a genuine collaboration with staff

Look for ways to acknowledge and reward participants who identify good ideas that are implemented

Consider your choice of performance improvement techniques carefully as it must be suited to your challenge, time frame, culture and maturity



Portfolio, Program and Project Management is a highly specialised area in many organisations. It can pertain to identification and delivery of a Strategic Portfolio of Programs and Projects that collectively deliver Strategy, or focus on specific organisational functions.


451 assists our clients to establish the optimal portfolio of programs and projects that effectively translate Strategy into Action. 

Our Clients benefit from our tried and proven approaches for initiating, managing and delivering programs and projects that yield much higher benefits and cost control. 

We have highly experienced multi-disciplinary program and project practitioners, as well as single focus specialists to ensure our clients benefit from fully integrated change.

3  Secrets for success  

Select the optimal set of programs and projects aligned to your strategic goals

Identify the benefits, assign responsibilities and clearly articulate your targets 

Ensure clarity of governance with Single Point Accountability at each point in time

We can assist you to define, prioritise and deliver your portfolio of projects, single programs, or a project. We provide more flexible engagement options from turn-key solutions, through to mentoring and developing your people to deliver.


We can also assist you to select, negotiate and manage Vendors, ensuring you gain the level of service required and that your vendor relationship remains balanced over time


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