Our Capabilities


451 Consulting is founded on research suggesting organisations of all sizes would value a strategic partnership with an external Trusted Advisor and Capability Partner they can access from time to time, assisting them to deliver strategic and operational goals.

Our services materially assist clients to convert "Strategy" Into "Action" at an enterprise level, business unit level, functional area level, or even team level.


We help you clarify your objectives and implement sustained performance improvement. This is the essence of what 451 Consulting is all about: assisting organisations to realise their goals sooner. 


We offer a highly Flexible Engagement Model, as well as a range of structured Capability Development Programs to reliably deliver your needs.

Services Overview 

451 provide tailored services to meet our client’s challenges and opportunities, backed by academically sound Australian based research, best practice frameworks and toolsets.

Functions Overview 

We understand the need for tight alignment between enterprise strategy, operations and portfolio management, as well as alignment between functional areas to collectively deliver your organisational goals sooner.

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