Functions overview 

451 understands the need to tightly couple enterprise strategy with projects and operations, and the criticality of developing supporting strategies across each functional domain that collectively deliver your strategic goals.

We deliver a broad range of performance improvement experience and capability across the corporate services realm.  Our functional specialists assist Clients to improve a single team, business function, or a full division as part of broader enterprise transformation. We then support Clients to reinforce desired behaviour across your corporate service functions by establishing best-practice performance measures, starting from Corporate Scorecard and cascading down to teams and individuals to ensure management has visibility of functional performance.

We invite you to experience how 451 applies our specialist knowledge to Whole of Enterprise initiatives as well as functional specific areas, including Finance and Procurement, ICT, Marketing and Sales, People and Culture, and Operations.


Whole of Enterprise

451 have strong enterprise level research and experience encompassing private sector, government, government entities, member organisations and not-for-profit. We understand that organisations are interconnected; by changing one element of the business, a ripple cascades across the enterprise.

We also understand the need for scalable solutions, matched to your industry, size, maturity and culture. For large organisations we provide heavily integrated solutions, while small organisations benefit from as-needed access to our functional and multi-disciplinary specialists. 

451 have developed Corporate Strategy and performed Enterprise Reviews to better align structure to strategy, then to optimise processes, technology, workloads and capability.

Our teams have collaboratively defined, initiated and coordinated enterprise transformation programs to deliver a step change in performance, including the development of internal performance improvement teams.

3  Secrets for success  

Ensure tight coupling between your Strategy, Performance Scorecard and your Strategic Portfolio of Projects

Select the right approach and methodology for your transformation as it must be compatible with your culture and business objectives

Before creating a fully-fledged Internal Performance Imporvement team, pilot your approach utilising specialised consultants

Finance & Procurement

451 understand the changing roles of Finance and Internal Audit, transitioning from cost management and compliance to being proactive business partners. 


451 have successfully partnered with multiple Clients to identify a balanced corporate scorecard, giving visibility to management that goes beyond traditional lagging indicators to include process measures that identify future success.


We also developed Activity Based Costing models to assist with scenario planning and forecasting, rebuilt Finance and Administration Guidelines, and reviewed and transformed finance teams to raise efficiency and effectiveness, or to implement new systems.

451 have worked with executives in Finance, Internal Audit and Procurement to ensure their functions are best practice. We bring methodology, process and tools with our highly experienced specialists to assist you to attain your business objectives.

3  Secrets for success  

Finance collaboration with marketing to understand product and customer profitability helps position finance beyond cost management​

Consider Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Budgeting modelling so you can compare monthly actuals against a baseline for that level of volume

Augmenting traditional Internal Audit skills with practical performance improvement capability will allow recommendations to be far more useful for the business



Technology is progressively being transformed; from cost centre, to business value deliverer.  The function is witnessing a transition from operational ICT manager to strategic enabler via efficient management systems and digital service delivery while commodity services are outsourced.

451 are a set of safe hands to support your quick ICT transition from cost centre to an essential business partner.

451 continues to assist many private and public sector organisations to improve processes and measurable business outcomes through enhancing ICT performance and capability.

451's proven experience, skills and capability in ICT strategy can support you Build, Manage and Optimise your environment to ensure you realise the established goals.

We help you create value for the business, deliver productivity across your business, and create a flexible technology environment that is responsive to business needs, while minimising the total cost of ownership.

451 has best practice ICT frameworks and specialist consultants with skills in ICT Strategy, Performance Improvement, Systems Selection and Implementation, Vendor Management, ITIL, ITSM, COBIT, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Design, SDLC, Prince2, PMBoK, Agile and ICT Infrastructure.

3  Secrets for success  

Make sure ICT services are aligned and integrated with business goals and strategy

SLAs and KPIs need to be measurable and aligned with relevant outcomes for the business​

ICT needs to add genuine business value; not just provide the latest version of a ‘widget’

Marketing & Sales

The role of marketing and sales has changed to one that needs to deeply understand your chosen customers, better than your competitors, and then learn how to influence the future behaviour of your customers.


451 has developed and implemented effective methodologies across marketing and sales teams to deliver sustainable  and improved performance.


We can assist you in a wide range of Marketing & Sales requirements, ranging from a full customer-centric business transformation to the development of sales processes. We also support Clients with customer segmentation and analytics to identify and coordinate sales strategies that deliver increased sales.


Whatever your challenge, 451 can help you get better results and return-on-investment from your marketing and sales spend.

3  Secrets for success  

Align Marketing & sales strategies and create combined KPI's

Understand how much money to allocate to advertising and how much to measure the profit of campaigns and products

Focus on better collection and utilisation of data and enhance your customer analytics 


People & Culture

At 451 we believe that investing in transformational change rather than transactional change can win organisations the needed performance improvement to ensure continuing operations into the future.


451's clients benefit from our research and pragmatic experience in delivering cultural change. We believe cultural change is best delivered through a transformation program, grounded in clear business outcomes. 


451 People and Culture specialists bring independence to help rebalance management and union conversations, fostering discussion to forge improved partnerships that deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders in change.

Our organisational change management (OCM) methodology backbone is PROSCI, augmented by 451 research which fully integrates OCM with Benefits Realisation to emotionally engage those people accountable for benefits.

3  Secrets for success  

Organisational Transformation programs will deliver better value than Cultural Change programs

Correctly identify your stakeholders and partner with them  

Be transparant with your emplyees

Our experience encompasses the provision of advice and guidance on structure, positions, transformational and cultural change, assisting employees to continually build capability in areas such as customer and business needs, and supporting the adoption of new technologies from mobile devices through to improved corporate systems.


451 appreciates the need to demonstrate respect for your existing culture, while positioning the organisation for the future, bringing new technologies and helping your people to build new skills. We have successfully assisted Field Force workers to implement mobility solutions which raise efficiency and effectiveness, and have developed Operational Strategies and Tactics to optimise workloads, processes and maximise the return on capital equipment.

451 helps you define and coordinate transformation programs which deliver a step change in performance, or to mobilise internal Continuous Improvement teams to tap into the creativity of your people to improve performance and customer service.4


451 have established simple mechanisms to identify and coordinate non-business as usual project work, providing management with visibility on delivery, and supporting teams with practice, methodology, toolsets and templates to deliver.


A key element of our experience and methodology is being able to calibrate how much change your operations can cope with to ensure project work is not at the expense of increased operational risk.


You can be confident in our ability to underpin the success of your operations.​

3  Secrets for success  

Keep your people fully informed from the start on any transformation or performance improvement program

Cascade corporate performance measures into operational areas and ensure KPIs include measures of process efficiency and quality

Test and challenge your assumptions when developing a business case for new capital investment, particularly if it will be financed


Talk to 451 and let us demonstrate that we are your best choice by delivering of insight, value, integrity, and an absolute commitment to your outcomes.

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