Ethics & Community

Our ethical commitment:


Since commencing in 2001, we have always performed ethically and with the highest levels integrity: no exceptions. Our pledge to clients, employees, contractors and partners is that we will continue to act ethically and with integrity for the future.

Our people are selected on their values and behaviours as well as competencies, interpersonal skills, and dedication to customer outcomes. Upon joining 451, our people fully understand our ethical requirements through signing our Code Of Conduct and Behaviour.

Our people enjoy working in a highly collaborative and transparent environment. 

Our key ethical practices:

451 do not make promises we can’t keep.

We do what we say we will do.

We always account for our time accurately and honestly.

We never underestimate the size and cost of an engagement in order to win the work, knowing our client will have little choice but to agree to increase fees during the assignment.

You can always trust our advice: We never recommend products or services our clients don’t need. 

We will always tell the truth, even when sometimes it may not be what people want to hear.

We will always ensure there is no Conflict of Interest. We always declare any associations and we firmly believe in probity.

We will always protect our clients’ confidentiality.

Pro-bono consulting & community support 

451 is not just a commercial organisation, we understand we are part of a community and we support our community in a number of ways:


A: Each year we undertake a number of Pro Bono Consulting assignments for Not-For-Profit or other organisations that need our help. Most recently this has included:

  • BRAKE:  a Not For Profit organisation focused on reducing car crashes with young drivers. We have facilitated Strategic Planning and continue to help in an on-going basis.

B: 451 Sponsor a number of Charity Events including:

  • YOUNGCARE: supporting the battle to find relevant and dignified care for young people





C: We support our local community by donating working equipment to local schools as we refresh our office infrastructure. This includes PC’s and Printers.


D: We support sustainable practices and green energy consumption. We give preference for low energy consumption devices, recycle paper, and purchase green energy. We also contribute to Greenfleet to ensure our vehicles carbon footprint is fully cancelled out.vehicles carbon footprint is fully cancelled out.

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