Since 2001, 451 has delivered more than 750 engagements to over 120 client organisations. Our clients see 451 as trusted advisors and capability partners in formulating and realising their strategic and operational goals; more than 90% of our clients have nominated 451 as partners of choice through signed client declaration, repeat engagement, testimonial or client feedback.  


We are industry leaders in service delivery, offering clients value and insight with integrity on every engagement. 


451 strengthen delivery of our clients' strategic and operational goals across a range of specialist industries within the Financial Services, Government (State & Local), Utilities and Education sectors.

Our key industry capabilities are outlined below. 

Core Industries

Financial Services

451 brings you a wealth of experience in the Financial Services sector. We continue to successfully partner with banks, insurance, wealth management, financial investment, superannuation and member based firms.

451 provides a wide range of Financial Services Offerings including Strategy, Post-merger Integration, Business Case Development, Major Systems Implementation, Workforce Planning, ICT Reviews, Portfolio/Program/Project Management, Digital Transformation and New Product Development.

At 451 we understand this highly competitive industry, and the challenges associated with a changing customer landscape via Millennials, operational risk from compliance and legislation, and the need to give customers access to information anytime, anywhere.


Core Industries


451 understands the Australian Education sector. Our Managing Director possesses hands-on experience in developing and delivering core subjects within the UQ and QUT MBA curriculums.  We have partnered with public and private Universities, private Secondary Schools, Early Education and Learning groups, as well as the Department of Education and Training.

451's clients benefit from our industry knowledge, pragmatic methods, and our multi-disciplinary specialists. Partnering with Universities, 451 has delivered Transformational Programs that have improved the student experience, improved academic collaboration and materially reduced operating costs. We have developed best-practice academic workforce models to optimise workloads.

Core Industries

Local Government

451 have assisted some of Australia’s largest and fastest growing Council’s to keep pace with the demands of a growing population base and expanding local business.  Ongoing amalgamation and consolidation within the sector also continues to create a raft of organisational challenges.


Our Local Government partnering includes end-to-end Amalgamation Integration, Enterprise Reviews and Blueprints to transition to Best Practice Delivery Models, optimising structure, balancing workloads and driving new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

451 have assisted in Strategy and Business Planning, Commercialisation, Business Establishment, Business Separation, Capital Works Program, HR & EBA Advice, ICT Strategy, Leadership Development, Outsourcing, and Program Delivery.  

Additionally, we have helped deliver critical government Reform and performed dozens of Functional and Operational Reviews to identify performance improvement opportunities. 

At 451 we understand the unique challenges of Local Government and the communities you serve.


Core Industries


State Government

State Government provides policy, programs, services and safety nets to protect residents, visitors and business.

451 have partnered with many State government departments and agencies, supporting the introduction of new levels of efficiency and effectiveness through strategic and operational reviews, process improvement, delivery of major projects, provision of resources, and through our capability development programs.

We understand the variety of cultures and maturity at State levels, and appreciate demands on management and employees as changing policy dictates internal operational priorities.


451 are at the forefront of assisting Project groups and ICT functions to rapidly augment internal staff capability to reduce operational risk as they inherit additional responsibilities previously undertaken by specialist contractors.

We are approved State Government panel suppliers in both Queensland and NSW.


Core Industries


451 have partnered with various utilities organisations in the fields of Energy, Water and Transportation. We have a proven track record in delivering efficiencies across multiple levels from enterprise wide transformation through to delivery of specific short-term projects. 


451 has a proven experience partnering with the energy sector. We understand the Australian Energy Regulator's (AER) framework and the pressures on organisations to contain prices while growing the percentage of renewable energy sources and undertaking community engagement programs to reduce general and peak demand.


451 have assisted Local Government and Water entities across the supply chain to underpin the success of Commercialisation, Water separation, planning and establishment of new Water entities, outsourcing analysis for corporate functions, and re-establishing Water functions within Local Government environments.


At 451, we understand the Australian rail, road and transport industry and its challenges. We have consistently delivered successful projects with private, government and GOE entities. 451's consultants bring a wealth of experience in the Transportation industry, facilitating efficiencies and optimising service delivery and maintenance.


Other Industries

Federal Government

Federal Government provides policy, programs, services and protection for Australia. Never before has the federal agenda faced such a diverse range of current and long terms issues. From sustainability to defence, immigration to taxation, 451 have a strong appreciation for the challenges involved. 

At 451, we have assisted a number of federal government departments and agencies through strategic planning, performance measurement development, and in building performance improvement capability.

Health & Community

451 has partnered with private corporations and government during the last decade to provide advice and assistance across a diverse range of strategic business challenges in areas of aged care facilities, disability services, child safety, community services and hospitals.

Our Managing Director’s experience includes three years on the Board of Multicap, (a not for profit organisation focusing on high needs disability support) and we have recently supported not for profit organisations prepare for their major transition towards NDIS.  We understand the constraints of focusing on the delivery of high benefit community outcomes yet operating in a tight internal budgetary setting.

Our clients benefit from our Health & Community experience in strategic planning facilitation, establishing and delivery of best practice service delivery models, multi-disciplinary programs and projects, operational audits, financial transition, risk management reviews, and functional reviews.


At 451 we understand the manufacturing industry, from Boardroom to shop floor. Our experts have assisted manufacturing clients of all sizes, from global organisations through to locally owned and operated facilities.

Our consultants are experienced in a variety of Process Improvement methodologies including Work Out, Lean and Six Sigma, as well a hybrid approaches that we tailor to your situation. 


We are accredited in PuMP®, a best practice approach to creating a balanced set of performance measures to ensure you remain in control of your business, ensuring improvements made are sustained.

Mining & Resources

At 451 we believe that mining is a key contributor to the Australian economy. 451’s consultants have a long association with the mining and resources sector, having partnered with a range of specialist organisations from operational mining and CSG entities, geodynamic research and technology development, and companies specialising in industry safety management standards and practices.

Our clients benefit from our strong knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities of integrating technology to assist in cost effective operational management, investment strategy, asset/infrastructure monitoring, and leading edge safe work practices.

Retail & Warehouse

In consumer and business-to-business markets, across both retail and wholesale sectors, 451 have experience in assisting clients develop a customer centric strategy to help navigate their complete business model design and execution.

Our team includes specialists in procurement, warehousing, supply chain and logistics to support clients' end-to-end operational landscape.

Talk to 451 and let us demonstrate that we are your best choice by delivering of insight, value, integrity, and an absolute commitment to your outcomes.

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