Our Mission


"Our business and government clients see 451 Consulting as trusted advisors and capability partners in the formulation and realisation of strategic and operational goals."

451 Consulting is founded on research suggesting organisations value a strategic partnership with an independent Trusted Advisor and Capability Partner they can access from time to time, assisting them to deliver strategic and operational goals.

Gerard O'Hara (Managing Director) founded 451 Consulting in 2001 to service Clients on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, from our Head Office in Brisbane and satellite office in Sydney.


Our clients benefit from consultants accredited in best practice methodologies, augmented by academically sound 451 Applied Research into Emerging Best Practice. This ensures our solutions work in a broad range of organisational cultures & maturity.

451 materially assist our clients to convert Strategy Into Action at a enterprise, business unit, functional area, or even team level. We help you clarify your objectives and implement sustained performance improvement. This is the essence of what 451 Consulting is all about: assisting organisations to realise their goals sooner. 

Over 90% of the public and private sector Clients we have partnered with nominate 451 as a preferred partner for future assistance; we are a trusted set of hands who delivery Insight, Integrity and Value on every client engagement.

About 451 Consulting

Our Value Set


"The 451 Consulting Value Set is to demonstrate Insight, Integrity and Value in all dealings with clients, employees and contractors."

Our commitment to clients

You deal with an experienced Local Firm 

451 is an Australian based firm with a successful track record in delivering fit-for-purpose Client solutions aligned to your culture.

You have 451 as a Strategic Partner

We pride ourselves in building mutually successful Strategic Partnerships with our Clients based on trust and transparency.

We support you with an end-to-end solution

451 provides clients with end-to-end solutions, developing innovative organisational strategies and translating them into practical outcomes with harvestable benefits.

We support delivery of sustainable change

Organisational change is deeply embedded in our methodologies and approach. We work closely with your people  to ensure change is effectively planned and sustainably implemented.

Your culture will be respected

Organisations are often complex with distinct individuality characterstics.  451 creates fit-for-purpose solutions which seamlessly integrate with your organisation's culture and ways of working

You'll only deal with experienced professionals

Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced individuals with proven corporate backgrounds, diverse competencies and deep subject-matter expertise.

The significance of 451 degrees fahrenheit


451 degrees Fahrenheit is the flash point of paper... that is, the temperature at which paper catches fire and vanishes. Our company chose this symbol for two reasons:

The disappearance of paper aligns to the concept of a paperless office, where processes are fully optimised, client excellence is never compromised, and staff are freed to perform interesting tasks. This is a good metaphor for 451 Consulting as we assist clients to be more efficient and effective; and

We will only form genuine and respectful relationships 

We will deliver excellence every step of the way 

We are here when you need us and as requested

We will deliver on our promise 

We respect your unique culture

We will diagnose and implement productive change

We are flexible and we are agile 

Benefits from choosing 451 

A book written by Ray Bradbury in 1954 called "Fahrenheit 451" remains a classic today - it is a highly recommended read.

Talk to 451 and let us demonstrate that we are your best choice by delivering of insight, value, integrity, and an absolute commitment to your outcomes.

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