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Projects and Programs can go wrong for hundreds of different reasons. Many organisations do not appreciate that Portfolio, Program & Project "Reporting" is an organisational "Fail-Safe" to quickly identify needed actions before they become more costly to rectify. 


Numerous "Best Practice Reporting Solutions" are currently available in the market, however, they provide little insight to Executives on the true status of the organisation's Portfolios, Programs & Projects. Reporting without genuine insight can be very costly to organisations through cost overruns as too little is done too late. 

451's research has revealed that organisations often solely blame their Portfolio, Program & Project Managers for project failure - and at times, for anything else that goes wrong. Evidence shows that metaphorically "shooting the project manager" and holding them responsible for everything that went wrong can quickly change the cultural dynamic in the organisation by eroding confidence and fostering mistrust.  This inevitably leads to the Portfolio, Program & Project Manager's decreased willingness to providing transparent status updates or raise issues. 

Project Intelligence offers traditional project reporting combined with the analytical capability of Business Intelligence

Project Intelligence provides advanced insights and high visibility into the true status of portfolios, programs and projects

How can you start?

Project Intelligence is simple to establish - we have you fully operational for Month 1 reporting!


Establishment Stage

Our initial focus, for the first 2 weeks, is on education and awareness sessions with each stakeholder group so they understand "What it does?", "How it works?" and "How it supports delivery and benefits realisation?".  

The key activities in the first 2 weeks includes: 

  1. Mobilisation meeting

  2. Establish your 451 SharePoint Portal and security access

  3. Governance Group Awareness Session

  4. Sponsor and Business Change Manager Awareness Session 

  5. Program and Project Managers Awareness Sessions

  6. Obtain/extract key information from existing documents

  7. Baseline each project within the program(s)​

Monthly Workflow

Within the ongoing Monthly Workflow, Clients start realising the benefits from Project Intelligence through our analysis of Portfolio, Programs and Projects. During the Monthly Workflow you will receive:

  1. A dedicated, experienced Portfolio, Program and Project Specialist assigned to you as your Assignment Manager.

  2. Every fortnight; analysis of your Portfolio, Programs and Projects will be conducted to escalate urgent matters.

  3. Every Month; a fit-for-purpose report will be compiled with relevant insights, narratives and recommendations. 

  4. At your choice, your Assignment Manager will attend your Governance/Steering Group meeting to support executive decision making and continued education.

Existing Project Intelligence Clients 

Reporting without Genuine Insight can be very costly ... 

451 Project Intelligence was launched in early 2016 on the premise that early project intervention is far more cost effective for Clients than late stage recovery. 

Project Intelligence provides Executives, Sponsors and Project Managers advanced insights and high visibility into the status of their portfolio, program or group of projects via a simple and integrated set of reporting tools and high quality independent monthly advice, delivered via a cost-effective managed service.


By informing Clients earlier of potential issues and risks within individual projects, as well as highlighting systemic trends and opportunities across programs and portfolios, executives can make informed decisions earlier, and with greater confidence, to ensure project outcomes can be achieved.


Through Project Intelligence, Clients can also access a broad range of scaleable project planning, delivery, capability development and project analysis services to further underpin project confidence and lower risk.


Project Intelligence was developed through 451’s accumulative learning across 15 years and through the delivery of more than 400 Client engagements in portfolio, program and project management, assurance, health checks, post implementation reviews and PMO capability development programs.

Project Intelligence offers traditional project reporting combined with the analytical capability of Business Intelligence conducted by some of Australia’s most experienced Program and PMO Managers, resulting in a highly insightful service. 

451 Project Intelligence Model 

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